Traces of Existence

When I encounter a ruin I always wonder: Why? What led to its to it’s demise? What was it when it flourished and why was it no longer needed? I have always felt an attachment to the ruins of the nomadic industrial landscape around me. It is a landscape bound by its own set of rules. In the pursuit of ever-evolving technologies, the promise of new materials and new sources of power—it seems these skeletons are left in the wake­.

We must assume that there is a sadness about all this change, especially for those who have lived near and worked in these factories, textile mills, and power plants their whole lives; perhaps even seeing their children do the same. No one drives through the gate any longer; not just shuttered but flattened, these former edifices have all but disappeared under the unruly grasses that grow through their foundation. They might be forgotten forever if it weren’t for the scribbled notes they leave on our landscape.