Imaginary Geographies
“Ancient ruins have always appeared in my imagination as they did in old black and white picture books. These days when I’m driving through the desolate industrial outskirts of cities I often imagine the neighborhoods as they would look as those old black and white ruins.

With Imaginary Geographies I set out to experiment with a series of pictures made in these desolate zones. From each location I created a black and white and color version of the same photo, which I then digitally blended to make something that had some of the qualities of both.

It was always surprising to see the result of blending the tonal black and white version with its more realistic color counterpart. If color contributed to the picture’s credibility and presence, black and white gave it a grayish hue and uncertain time. While color ensured the image’s documentary quality, black and white challenged this certitude. In addition, by removing small signs of human presence I was able to further accent the imaginary essence of these pictures.”